Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister "Pill Shape End"

Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister  "Pill Shape End"
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  • Item #: 10550
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

Ballistic Butt Bomb / Fister "Pill" Shape

Now you can get that fisting sensation with our Ballistic Fister in a new "Pill" shape .  This was an idea brought to us by a local Dominatrix that had a lot of clients that wanted to be fisted and she was looking for an alternative to using her own fist.  She saw a prototype we had here and said they would be perfect.  They are precision CNC machined from solid aerospace grade aluminum and finished off with a brushed satin finish.  The Fisters also feature a hefty 3/4" handle that gives you a firm grip when your plunging it in.  Our Ballistic Fister "Pill" shape comes in a variety of sizes (something for everyone from the beginner to advanced explosive fisting play).  Small 1 1/2", Medium 2", Large 2 1/2", XL 3", XXL 3 1/2" and the colossal XXXL 4"...for that true fisting feel.  Call them what you like...Butt Bomb, Fisters, either way your in for an adventure.

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