Glory Hole Thong with Plug Option

Glory Hole Thong with Plug Option
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Glory Hole is such a magical name, conjuring up images of pleasure, raw sex, erections, penetration, and all the emotion that brings to the table.  The Glory Hole was another design that seemed to choose its own name. Shoving your cock and balls into the darkness of our tightfitting penis shaped pouch created from matte rubber look black spandex will both caress and stimulate delight. Before you get too hot, though, make sure you are completely lubed and ready to accept our deep plunging Custom Ass Spreader Plug. The Glory Hole can be used with or without the plug, but used with the plug is the optimum way to experience all the extreme feelings that go along with having your cock and balls wrapped up tight and warm as your hole is spread, penetrated and kept open for you and your friends to enjoy. Plus, this is an amazing pool party tool.

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