Leather Wrist Restraints / Cuffs Handmade - Locking Buckle

Leather Wrist Restraints / Cuffs Handmade - Locking Buckle
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  • Item #: 7250
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal

Our leather wrist cuffs are a very nice quality restraint that's hand made in the USA.  Made from premium latigo leather with a softer garment leather lining on the inside for comfort.  Perfect for use alone or with our Ballistic Metal spreader bars.  The cuffs feature a D-ring for attaching to spreader bars or whatever else you'd like to restrain them to...  They also have locking buckles for that extra added security if desired (locks sold separately).  The buckles will perform as a regular buckle and can be used with out locks, but you have the option to use padlocks if you desire.

Wrist Cuffs are 2" wide and adjustable to approx 7" - 10".

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Handmade in the USA!

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