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  • Item #: shockballs
  • Manufacturer: Ballistic Metal


Ball crushing can be mild or intense…can make a guy break a sweat or make him scream…but don’t fret, this thing works for mild to extreme play.

Open the unit and stuff your junk through the hole on the back plate, close the front plate with your meat shoved through the front plate hole…then start twisting down the wing-nuts…good thing about this crusher is you can screw it down slow, get used to the feel or crank it down fast…there are nuts on the screw-posts you can set to keep the crusher plate from going further than you can handle.

There are two 4mm electro banana plugholes, one connected to each ball, so you can use your electro unit to pulse each ball separately…or plug into one ball and run the other pole to a electro pissplug, buttplug, or cockstrap…

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